Riding Programs

​Equine Therapy - A free once a week Equine Therapy for community members. Practice techniques such as Equine Massage, breathing and mediation, mindful movement chi-gong and yoga based techniques. Pony Rides. All ages welcome, elderly, veterans and disabled. Sign up 575-776-2856

School Fundraiser Pony Rides - Is your school doing a fundraiser for outdoor programs? We offer our pony rides at your school fundraiser 100% free and the school fundraiser keeps all the proceeds raised from the pony rides.

Mindful Movement Self Defense - Techniques with the background from chi gong, yoga, pilates, martial arts, chi gong, gentle movements performed in a tai chi style.

Beginner Archery - Wanna learn how to shot a recurve bow. Tap into international cultural archery traditions from around the planet! Amazonian to Native American.

Warrior Music & Dance -  a culmination of cultural dances from around the world with flavors of belly dance, Turkish sword dance, African dance, hip hop, aztec dance and pow wow.

All the photos on the website are from our programs from the last seven years