Free Riding Programs

Equine Therapy - A free once a week Equine Therapy for community members. Practice techniques such as Equine Massage, breathing and mediation, mindful movement chi-gong and yoga based techniques. Pony Rides. All ages welcome, elderly, veterans and disabled. Sign up 575-776-2856

School Fundraiser Pony Rides - Is your school doing a fundraiser for outdoor programs? We offer our pony rides at your school fundraiser 100% free and the school fundraiser keeps all the proceeds raised from the pony rides.


Mindful Movement Self Defense - Techniques with the background from chi gong, yoga, pilates, martial arts, chi gong, gentle movements performed in a tai chi style.

Beginner Archery - Wanna learn hoe to shot a recurve bow. Tap into international cultural archery traditions from around the planet! Amazonian to Native American.

Warrior Music & Dance -  a culmination of cultural dances from around the world with flavors of belly dance, Turkish sword dance, African dance, hip hop, aztec dance and pow wow.