Private Horsemanship Therapy

Private Horsemanship Therapy - For Non- Profits like Behavioral Health, Youth at Risk, Veterans as well as for profit Riding Teams/Clubs, Sport Competitors.

  1. Horse Safety
  • HDET Trainers cover all the perimeters of equine safety and maintaining confidence on the ground with horses including approaching, handling, leading, tying, bridling, saddling and grooming.
  1. Breathing and Horse Massage 
  • HDET breathing techniques provide calming effects for both horse and rider.
  1. Dance & Drum Grounding
  • Pre-Ride Traditional Indigenous Pueblo “round dance” before working with the horses, allows for grounding and settlement of energies before mounting a horse. Our horse dance songs are native to New Mexico.
  1. Round Pen Lessons
  • HDET Facilitators teach how to stop, walk, and turn a horse with natural horsemanship while inside a round pen.
  1. Horseback Meditation 
  • HDET staff lead riders on horses while providing visualizatioin and breathing techniques for grounding and how to deal with anxiety.
  1. Arena Riding 
  • Once riders have learned basic natural horsemanship technique, riders are allowed to ride around in the arena practicing their natural horsemanship techniques with horse walkers supervising their safety.
  1. Trail Riding
  • HDET facilitators and horse walkers supervise trail rides once riders feel confident and comfortable after experiencing round pen and  arena techniques.