Outdoor Education

Outdoor Education

‚ÄčThe Importance of being in Nature.

Our children, families, woman and man, animals like horses and dogs are craving union to Nature,

May it be in real time experience's of tranquility, peaceful surroundings.

May we witness conservation, sustainable & indigenous agricultural, time and space from devices.

Release and Let Go of Anxiety.

Spend time breathing learning how to listen to nature and to connect to your inner child.

Learn ways of life that are indigenous to Mother Earth from all parts of the World and the connections between Native American Indian Culture, Indigenous European Cultures, Mongolian/Asian Cultures.

- Water Conservation
- Green Housing
- Crop Sharing
- Indigenous Horsemanship
- Heirloom Seeds Preservation
- Food as Medicine and Seed Harvesting
All the photos on the website are from our programs from the last seven years