​The New Mexico Mindful Movement Horsemanship Academy,

(herein as NMMMHA) is a new earth experience from a variety of cultural horsemanship and self defense culminating over 20 years of sustainable experience in Taos, NM.

The NMMMHA is a duplicatable model of Family B&B ranch location's of horsemanship with an adventure sport self defense style.

The NMMHA accommodate's classes and off-grid adventurous family retreat, a live seasonal lunch/dinner show with professional equestrian cavaliers, a school to teach youth and family for variety competitors, performers, and athletes to perform within our show as well as a future planned NMMMHA competition of horsemanship games from around the globe with a variety show twist given live music covering cultural songs both traditional and mainstream.

The NMMMHA with confidence brings hope and inspiration to all ages of locals and tourists; bringing a line up of exclusive guest speakers, teachers, and performers small and intimate clinics at the Academy from all around the globe.

The NMMMHA is a sanctuary holding space with the intentions of self-care and self-healing and strengthening intentions with horsemanship.

The NMMMHA provides resilient cultural & agricultural education conducted through a range of outdoor events, classes, and workshops that are a sliding scale donation based without monetary requirement.

The NMMMHA ensures a safe space with trained professional mentors and teachers.

The NMMMHA provides training activity, inspiration, and therapy through mindful movement and animal guided meditations rooted from international cultural dances like natural horsemanship skills, chi gong, tai chi, African dance and yoga.

The NMMMHA animals teach people about being mindful of our energy, movements and behaviors. Animalistic consciousness is very much in the present moment with heightened awareness and senses in many different respects.

The NMMMHA roledex presents performers and teachers from Dao House USA, Local Native American Lakota War Pony Racers / Pow Wow, Cirque Du Soleil, Dolly Parton Stampede, DisneyParis Wild West Buffalo Bill Show, and KhanMongol Mongolian Archery Association.

Are you interested in learning about our sponsorship program

or have ranch locations for our tour,

Reach out to Gemmarastar@gmail.com

Thank you, Love and Light,

Gemma Ra’Star

Founder of New Mexico Mindful Movement Horsemanship Academy
All the photos on the website are from our programs from the last seven years