New Mexico Mindful Movements Horsemanship


New Mexico Mindful Movements Horsemanship

Free Events for Northern NM Cultural Community

Sustainable Off-Grid Classes, Show Events and Retreats.

Warmly Welcome Youth, Family, Veterans and Special needs.

Explore Mindful Movement Horsemanship

" One of the most memorable and nostagilic healing horse rides I've ever been on, we rode to the River and went swimming!"

Crista D.

My daughter is autistic and she becomes so much more grounded after being around the horses and feeling the mediative connection of the NMMMH experience"

Ruth C.

I had no idea how hanging out on the ground and breathing with a horse dropped my anxiety levels down completly!"

Erin S.

We are celebrating because we’ve grown & reality is calling for more space.

For the last 7 years we have been serving our community with organic sustainable off-grid free programs like:

- A weekly Equine Therapy program.

- A Pony ride program fundraising for outdoor school events.

- How to conserve water and grow food sustainable.

These spaces have been supporting self-healing for youth at risk, veterans, behavioral health, from grief, anxiety, social media overload as well as addiction, domestic violence and sexual abuse recovery.

Due to the success and growth of the programs serving the community we need to ask you the community for help to keep these programs running.

We work with rescued horses and wild mustangs.

Our bigger off-grid sustainable sanctuary space will house the horses, the helpers and the programs serving the community.

Being a Free Equine Program serving the community we get donations and sponsorships from people, businesses and foundations.

Our new program the New Mexico Mindful Movements Horsemanship herein as “NMMMH” Program will continue to serve the community with free Equine therapy and horse events.

Any donation you are willing to make is greatly appreciated.

We have sponsorship opportunities as well.

Thank you for supporting our duplicatable model and we hope to see you soon!

Happy Trails to you until we meet again,

Breathe, Love and Flow Life, quiet Mind makes a quiet Horse,

- Gemma Ra'Star "Flaming Sun-star"

Founder of New Mexcio Mindful Movements Horsemanship herein as NMMMH